Our Approach

GI Partners has adhered to a consistent and disciplined investment approach since its founding in 2001. The Firm seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns by targeting investments in companies that GI believes provide significant downside protection as well as the opportunity for significant value creation post investment through strategic and operational improvement.

Central to GI's strategy is a deep value orientation that seeks to provide substantial downside protection in the Firm's investments. GI's downside protection typically results from buying businesses in which a significant portion of the purchase price is represented by underlying asset values or the purchase price is discounted as compared to intrinsic or fundamental value because the business operates in a sector that is out of favor or because the business is undergoing financial distress. GI aims to substantially increase the value of these businesses through board-led initiatives, including management change, new product lines, organic growth and/or synergistic add-on acquisitions.

GI's North American Private Equity team focuses on businesses and portfolio of assets in which meaningful opportunities to create value can be identified and executed. This includes the following types of scenarios:
  • Build-up of a platform investment: GI Partners targets platform companies that are well suited to carry out an acquisition program due to the companies’ leading competitive position and/or operation within a fragmented or overlooked market.
  • Underperforming businesses / assets experiencing financial distress: GI Partners seeks to invest in companies and assets that are underperforming or undergoing some level of financial distress resulting from event-driven cyclicality or events unique to the industry or business.
  • Undervalued businesses: GI Partners’ value-based investment strategy seeks to exploit the tendency of select sectors to periodically fall out of favor with investors.
  • Corporate divestitures or spinouts: GI Partners also seeks companies that frequently are re-evaluating their strategic plan and capital allocation policies.
  • Regulatory Complexity: Regulatory complexity can serve as a significant deterrent to potential investors and obscure the intrinsic value of a business.