Communications networks, data centers, wireless access sites and networked devices are the critical physical infrastructure of the modern global economy. GI Data Infrastructure invests in operating businesses in these areas which are essential to commercial operations, government functions, and daily life. These infrastructure investments are downside-protected by ownership or control of long-lived hard assets, stable recurring revenue business models, and low exposure to technology risk. Our investment strategy focuses on four data infrastructure subsectors: data centers, data transport, wireless access, and tech-enabled infrastructure.

Focus Sectors

row of server racks inside a data center

Data Centers

two halves of a fiber optic cable

Data Transport

radio tower

Wireless Access

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Tech-Enabled Infrastructure

Data Infrastructure

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GI Partners has been a leading investor in data infrastructure for 20 years. Led by senior professionals with deep backgrounds in investment and operational leadership, GI Data Infrastructure serves as a thought partner as well as a capital partner to our portfolio company management teams. We work closely with management to ensure reliable delivery of mission-critical services and unlock latent value creation opportunities.