We invest in real estate properties that continuously operate to support “mission critical” operations of the technology and life sciences industries. Our firm’s collective knowledge base offers us insight into the changing use and network effects that create enduring value for these specialized assets.

Over the past 20+ years, we have witnessed growing demand for technology and life sciences dedicated real estate. Utilization of and reliance upon these properties has proven to be resilient even in periods of economic uncertainty.

We focus on “technology advantaged” real estate assets that house critical functions and involve work that can’t be completed remotely; properties such as data centers and cloud facilities, life sciences labs and production facilities, and tech R&D facilities in innovation hubs offer these mission critical features.

Property Types

  • Data centers & carrier hotels
  • Life sciences lab properties
  • “Always On” facilities that support technological operations and research

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Tony Lin
Managing Director, Co-Head of ETS Fund & Head of Asset Management